Sunday, February 28, 2010

Short Film Contest

Hello Gentle Readers. Today, I am anting to go ahead and announce the first annual short film contest "Two-Minute Screamer; 2010", this event is sponsored by Crimson Star Entertainment.

Okay, so what is it, you ask? Well this weekend, I was watching two zombie movies, in an attempt to stimulate my creative mind, so that I could work on my novel. And it worked. Hopefully, this week, I will write another 10,000 to 15,000 words, god willing. But those movies were the mega-Hollywood Blockbuster, Dawn of the Dead and the low-budget Zombie Apocolypse.

However, this did get me thinking. How about I make a low budget film, as scary as I could, given items around the house? Well, I'vedecided to do just that. Only, I've decided to let you, the community be apart of this.

The contest officially starts tommorrow, March 1st, 2010. The deadline for entries is March 15th, 2010. This gives film-makers 15 days to come up with their short films.

What sort of guidelines are there? Well, its low-budget, and by low-budget, I mean $0.00, you must produce your work with only those things you find around your house, and using volunteers. The only exception to this is petrol money to reach a location for shooting, and money for Film, DV Cords, Batteries. Etc.

The film must be of the horror genre, and can only be two minutes long. Once you submit your work, you agree that we have first right to publish, which will last for 90 days after your submission.

Okay, so those are the rules. What does the winner get? He recieves a signed copy of our Four Rose Short Film, and a spot on our main site to publish his film. This spot will last, at a minimum, 90 days, and at most, a year, as decided by CSE. In addition, you also recieve up to three links to websites of your choice. Our website has PageRank of 3; and a very targetted audience of gamers and other unique parties.

So, if you are ready, email your questions, or your submission here. And remember, purchases of the Four Roses Short Film go to the formation of our Four Rose Charity Foundation. Thanks for your support!

Good Luck!


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