Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rufus Rose Charity

Just a small update. Today I'm out to look for some more content, hopefully I will make another post before the day is done. But I want to keep you guys up to date with what is happening with the Charity.

My riginal estimation of required amount of money just to file my 501c3 organization was very much off. After research and shopping around, Ive decided to use legal zoom. However, even legal zoom requres $595; plus I have to set aside another $500 for filing fees and such.

So the total, I'm lookig to raise abot $1200 USD in order to get the charity organized. I will accept any and all help, from 50c to as much as you would like to give. I will be keeping track of all donations seperately, and I will include them as the first set of contributions to the charity, upon email request:


If you don't know our mission statemen, look back through the blog, and you'll find it.

We are currently at $12.95...if another 100 people gave as much, we would have all the money we needed. Even if you aren't sure, and think its a scam, I assure its not. Look through the content I've provided, and maybe give a small donation based on that!

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