Sunday, January 31, 2010

Public Marketing Note

On Google, we are #1 on Ghosts of Atlanta Blog when searched. And #6 on Atlanta Ghost Blogs. By far the latter is much more searched, but probably by only maybe a 100 or so, or more or month.

However, we are the highest on the list that is an actual blog!

If you got here from Google, feel free to comment!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rose Charity

This is a repost from another blog of mine. Just attempting to get some coverage of it. If you are interested in contacting me, please don't hesitate. If you want to support us, but have no money or skills, subscribe to the Youtube Account of the video listed below, and tell your friends. Tell your friends about this blog!!!

Just putting up a blog post before I return to trying to continue writing my novel. If you've been keeping up with this blog you know about the novel, or, in so much as I will tell you. However, if you are new, the Novel is going to be an apolitical view of an outbreak of a deadly aggressive disease in a special world. There is another great twist, but I don't wanna give that away. I think though, it should have some positive response from the publishing industry.

If you like this idea, please comment or stumble this blog!

However, as to other news, I'm in the process of incorporating my own charitable organization. Our mission statement is to preserve certain historical landmarks in downtown Atlanta (notably the Rose House; see the film we made), provide some economic benefit to the community, and donate any proceeds from the process to charity.

Using the funds raised, we will not only start a cultural awareness campaign for the Rose House (website), but we will attempt to buy or lease the home, restore it, and commercialize it. Commercial ideas include a downtown Ghost Tour; A Bar; and a special option for renting rooms in the 'haunted' house. All proceeds from these actions, minus a reservation for expansion and emergency of 30%, shall go to local Atlanta Foodbanks and Homeless Shelters.

So we could definately use any support that you could give!
If you want to contribute at this early stage, in either administration or a direct contribution, email me here.

Im definately looking for someone who can offer some help in the formation of a 501(c) charitable organization.

This same email is my paypal address, should you wish to make a direct contribution. This is my personal account, and any money gained this way is earmarked directly for use in forming the 501(c) organization. After that, we will start a seperate paypal, etc, and should have full information about what is and is not a tax deduction.

Currently, I'm looking to $250 for the use in formation of the corporation. I will update this blog as that becomes reality.

Pleasant Grove Cemetary

Pleasant Grove

As you can see above, this week's field trip was to a small cemetary, located in Stone Mountain, GA, hidden behind a Days Inn and a Krystals. There are maybe four dozen plots, and the wole cemmetary is about 100 feet by 100 feet, if that. Most of the grave markers are dated around 1925.

Unfortunately I don't have a K2 meter anymore, so any further observation was stopped there. However many local legends say that this cemetary is known for producing 'Orbs' on film. However, after a few pictures, none developed.

Not having a significant backstory or any potential data to point to a haunting, there is a high shadow of doubt as to whether this place is Haunted. In truth, it probably isn't. Just another local legend.

Also, as a final note, I think that sign was put up recently, by a private citizen. It also appears that the font is comic sans. :D


Friday, January 29, 2010

Rufus M. Rose Fund: Protect Our Culture; Protect Our People.

As promised, I would like to deliver to you the readers, a summation of the Rufus M. Rose fund, and what donating to it will do.

Our foundation will be set up so that we can recoup the costs of the production of the film, increase cultural awareness, and support the community directly on Peachtree Street, in Atlanta Ga.

To accomplish this, I have a list of several specific tasks that any monies raised will be used for.

Firstly; 20% shall be set aside for taxes and government fees. I'm not sure what all this will entail yet, though if you woud like a more indepth explanation, as soon as I have the info, I an email you. Thus 1 out of every 5 USD raised will be set aside for taxes.

Secondly; the first $200 raised will go towards the creation of a 501(c) or other non-profit organization. Our specific goals will be both the preservation of the Rufus M Rose house, and the revitalization of the local economy here in Atlanta. As soon as I find out more about this, I will post an update.

Next, we will recoup all of our costs for production of the first short film, which are in total $240 USD; plus a series of 'bonus payments' of $50 to everyone who was involved in the film. This is a grand total of $590 USD.

After this, we will set aside another $300 USD to be used for future productions, to include a revamped; remade version of the short film, but not limited in scope to that.

Lastly, a $150 amount will be used to start and promote a website dedicated entirely to the Rose House and the Rose Legacy.

After this, we will openly announce future steps. Our only two steps beyond this, would be to purchase the House itself; and repair it and put it into use as a stop, guest-house, and small bar on Peactree Street. An adjoining ghost tour would also help to employ many. However this is in the far future, and is no doubt, outside of the range of 501 Nonprofit Status. However, I am supposing the 501 could make a loan, or donate to the company that does such; because that company would be protecting the legacy of the Rse House.

Lastly, in the event of profit from any venture from this movie, the proceeds minus any reservations for expansion/emergency, will be donated to Atlanta Homeless Shelters and Foodbanks. As a Ghost Tour Guide, I found one of my greatest sources of information was from the transient/homeless population. Even if they weren't 'working' per say, they provided a benefit to me, and I dont think any person should go without food or shelter (Here or the World Around).

So, in one fell swoop, trying to protect the Rose House, Stimulate the Economy, and provide for those who are most vulnerable among us.

If you haven't seen our short film yet, click here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Four Roses DVD

Yup, you read it right. In order to inspire people to 'donate' to our 'Four Roses' investigation fund, we are now selling DVDs of our Four Roses short film (click if you haven't seen it before). In addition, we will include a funny bloopers reel for you guys to watch.

Donation? $5.00; and you get a home-made DVD copy, and a certificate of authenticity and thanks for support.

Want something a little more concrete? We will soon have an actual dvd package on Amazon, which will be complete with album artwork and the works. However, it will cost $10.00; and the only extra content you will get will be the artwork.

Interested in donating? Email me at

Later today I will post another bit on this blog explaining our 'Four Rose' fund.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hit Counter Reset

In the form of all my other sites, I will be resetting my hitcounter. This is a note to myself, as well as any of you who read through the backlogs, that today, the counter was 180, and was reset to use the "Flag Counter" which I use in my sites.

Just an admin note! Keep reading!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wierd Georgia

Picked up a few good ideas for future episodes and sections on this blog from a book titled Wierd Georgia, part of the Wierd USA series. You can likely find it at your local library.

Of course, I've got to drum readership up for this blog. So, a bit of a contest.

Should my 3rd Short Film be about Dungeness or Corpsewood Manor? Leave a comment, tommorrow, I will be featuring a review of Dungeness, sometime soon I'm going to rehash my old post about Corpsewood Manor.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Short Story

While not super associated, I've written another short story, hopefully, Ill get it picked up by some magazine, and I was definately wanting to let you guys know. The story is a cross of modern horror and dark fantasy, with my own take on the Unseelie Court. If it gets picked up by a mag or publisher, I'll let you guys know!

Don't forget to follow the blog!

And if you haven't seen our newest movie, you can view it here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks to all My Readers

Thanks guys for viewing the Four Roses Documentary. Its doing well, not spectacular, but well. Im currently editing a blooper reel, which will be sold, along with the public release version, to help us cope with costs in production. If you still haven't seen it, here is the link:

Right now, I'm building up some idea about Hell's Church in Canton. My next goal is to make a two-parter, covering Hell's Church and maybe the Kennesaw House. So, please, stay tuned with me for that much!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haunted Atlanta

The series is doing quite well, in my opinion. We've brokered about 100 hits in the last 24 hours, which is fairly good, considering that its a very niche subject, and not specifically affiliated with entertainment or health. If you haven't seen the film yet, click the link below.

Four Roses

If you have, dont worry, Ive got some great new information. Firstly, I ask that if you take interest in my blog, please subscribe or follow it. And I love comments.

Anyhow, the next destination for my little blog, and a future 'Haunted Atlanta' short film? Canton. Hell's Church. Enough said!

So stay tuned, and hopefully, within the next week, I can scout out the location!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Four Roses Documentary

Okay, so if you enjoy the Rufus Rose story, here it is, CSE's Four Rose Documentary. Please view it, and if you like it, tell your friends! Stumble, tumble, and digg it, or whatever else there is! Lets get as many people as we can looking at it!

Four Roses

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Almost through Shooting

Its been great. Really it has. But Im ready to get the movie made, and to get it put out there for you guys.

Here are some more promo stills from the "Re-Enactment" Scene.

Ed, casting manager, playing the Jealous Boyfriend.

Aja, playing the 20s Flapper, before her untimely murder.

Someone will get stabbed! Make sure to check it out when we put it on Youtube!

Haunted Atlanta, the Rufus M Rose Story!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Shooting the Documentary

Well, the project has been tentatively titled "Haunted Atlanta: Rufus M. Rose House", and its definately turning into a worthwhile project. I have to admit that for the longest time, I had been dreaming of doing something similiar to this with many stories on this blogsite, the most interesting story to shoot, of course, being Corpsewood Manor. However, without a support network of friends and people to help me keep on track, I would, in retrospect, set the project back and back.

Then came CSE. As I started to expand CSE into something respectable, one of my up and coming project managers came at me with a request. He wanted to shoot a short film. He suggested we do a mini-documentary on a 'haunted' location around Atlanta, because he remembered me mentioning he project.

So we literally decided in the course of a day, to tackle the project. Within a week, we were casting and doing our first shoot. This weekend, we did two more days of shooting, some really guerilla stuff. Freezing our asses off. But we have a real vision for this project, and I think it is going to be fantastic.

But, I've got yall some promotional pictures of the Rufus Rose House! Enjoy!

The infamous Rufus M Rose house in Downtown Atlanta! Subscribe to the blog today!