Monday, January 4, 2010

Shooting the Documentary

Well, the project has been tentatively titled "Haunted Atlanta: Rufus M. Rose House", and its definately turning into a worthwhile project. I have to admit that for the longest time, I had been dreaming of doing something similiar to this with many stories on this blogsite, the most interesting story to shoot, of course, being Corpsewood Manor. However, without a support network of friends and people to help me keep on track, I would, in retrospect, set the project back and back.

Then came CSE. As I started to expand CSE into something respectable, one of my up and coming project managers came at me with a request. He wanted to shoot a short film. He suggested we do a mini-documentary on a 'haunted' location around Atlanta, because he remembered me mentioning he project.

So we literally decided in the course of a day, to tackle the project. Within a week, we were casting and doing our first shoot. This weekend, we did two more days of shooting, some really guerilla stuff. Freezing our asses off. But we have a real vision for this project, and I think it is going to be fantastic.

But, I've got yall some promotional pictures of the Rufus Rose House! Enjoy!

The infamous Rufus M Rose house in Downtown Atlanta! Subscribe to the blog today!

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