Friday, January 29, 2010

Rufus M. Rose Fund: Protect Our Culture; Protect Our People.

As promised, I would like to deliver to you the readers, a summation of the Rufus M. Rose fund, and what donating to it will do.

Our foundation will be set up so that we can recoup the costs of the production of the film, increase cultural awareness, and support the community directly on Peachtree Street, in Atlanta Ga.

To accomplish this, I have a list of several specific tasks that any monies raised will be used for.

Firstly; 20% shall be set aside for taxes and government fees. I'm not sure what all this will entail yet, though if you woud like a more indepth explanation, as soon as I have the info, I an email you. Thus 1 out of every 5 USD raised will be set aside for taxes.

Secondly; the first $200 raised will go towards the creation of a 501(c) or other non-profit organization. Our specific goals will be both the preservation of the Rufus M Rose house, and the revitalization of the local economy here in Atlanta. As soon as I find out more about this, I will post an update.

Next, we will recoup all of our costs for production of the first short film, which are in total $240 USD; plus a series of 'bonus payments' of $50 to everyone who was involved in the film. This is a grand total of $590 USD.

After this, we will set aside another $300 USD to be used for future productions, to include a revamped; remade version of the short film, but not limited in scope to that.

Lastly, a $150 amount will be used to start and promote a website dedicated entirely to the Rose House and the Rose Legacy.

After this, we will openly announce future steps. Our only two steps beyond this, would be to purchase the House itself; and repair it and put it into use as a stop, guest-house, and small bar on Peactree Street. An adjoining ghost tour would also help to employ many. However this is in the far future, and is no doubt, outside of the range of 501 Nonprofit Status. However, I am supposing the 501 could make a loan, or donate to the company that does such; because that company would be protecting the legacy of the Rse House.

Lastly, in the event of profit from any venture from this movie, the proceeds minus any reservations for expansion/emergency, will be donated to Atlanta Homeless Shelters and Foodbanks. As a Ghost Tour Guide, I found one of my greatest sources of information was from the transient/homeless population. Even if they weren't 'working' per say, they provided a benefit to me, and I dont think any person should go without food or shelter (Here or the World Around).

So, in one fell swoop, trying to protect the Rose House, Stimulate the Economy, and provide for those who are most vulnerable among us.

If you haven't seen our short film yet, click here.

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