Friday, February 12, 2010

New Happenings

Alright, so I know there hasn't been too much content up here in the past week or so. I'm making movement towards getting filming done on my next project. If you have been keeping up, you know that I'm planning to film at Hell's Church in Canton.

However, recent developements have spurred another movie. I've recently recieved permission from the Owner of Stone Mountain Bed & Breakfast, one of the oldest buildings in the Metro Area (1830), to conduct an investigation and have the building as the centerpiece to my next movie. Hopefully negotiations don't flop, and shooting will get started in about two weeks.

I also got news that the proof of the movie with blooper reel has arrived at CreateSpace. Another four weeks, and I should have a working product ready for distribution. It will be a great way for you guys to contribute to the Rufus Rose Fund, and get something in return.

If you dont know, I've started the Rose Fund to help save the rose house and alleviate some of the poverty here in Atlanta. Currently, our first goal is to raise enough money to incorporate our charity as a 501C(3) organization. A task, at this point, that will require about 1200 USD. We have currently raised about $20 USD.

So we definately need your help!

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