Monday, February 1, 2010

Crimson Star Updated

Okay, so finally added The Roman's sculptures to the main blog. After getting a second NATT from a magazine publisher for the same story; I've decided to release it online. Its $2.99, and will be sent to you as a PDF file. Its a very good story, but was far too niche to be acceptable in a magazine. However, I think the second story I sent out, will probably be accepted. Its much more artistic and much more personal.

To see some of Ed's Art, click here.

To buy my short story, click here.

The story itself is high fantasy, about a criminal waging a one-man war against an empire. But his reasons for doing so are not clear, as the investigator who arrives is further confused by his actions. Its a great beginning for a new series!

The setting is Eavton, the same as my Knight Spectre Comic, an agrarian nation of halflings and men headed by an all-powerful Emperor who shares divine lineage. A proto-typical "Righteous" nation, their society is well-structured and organized, to the extent of having huge social controls on their people. However, now, a new threat is growing in the North.

Like the idea? Read the short story. Soon I will be starting a novel and a sourcebook for the setting!

Here are some previews of his sculptures, for you guys to look at online.

Interesting, right?

Email me here if your interested in buying.

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