Thursday, February 4, 2010

Corpsewood Manor Documentary

Got some great new information about the manor, and have located on Google maps what I believe is the site. However, I will depend alot upon the directions of locals when we get up there and prepare for shooting. That is, after all, the goal.

Second movie looked like it was going to be about Hell's Church, but as of yet, I haven't found enough information about the Church to make it appealing to me. So I might just go ahead, go for the gusto, and do Corpsewood Manor.

I'm thinking, if I can ride up there myself and get some photos and footage, it might do well. Then I can do most of the filming down here in Atlanta.

Anyone have any opinions? And don't forget to donate to the Four Rose fund!

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  1. Hey Man, I live just over the line in Alabama. I'm a videographer/editor with my own equipment and extensive entertainment industry experience including documentaries.If you're interested in