Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stone Mountain Cemetary

I've got a treat for all of you listeners out there today! I went to Stone Mountain Cemetary, and conducted a small investigation. I have no background story on the plot, but rather, had read a rumor online that this was a great source of the phenomena known simply as 'orbs'.

For those of you who dont know, orbs are orb-like objects that are supposedly evidence of a haunting or spiritual energy. Ive seen 'supposed' orbs on prints and electronic media from Shakespeare's Theater (mentioned earlier), but many had readily apparent explanaions.

Unfortunately, my expedition today proved a bit fruitless. All photos that had a plausible case could be explained, but still, it was a fun trip. And definately a worth-while stop for anyone who visits the mountain. As there is a historic small-town business district nearby.

Welcome to Stone Mountain Cemetary. Gives Est Date: 1875 (Though you cant read it.)

The Stone Mountain VFW plot. As a Veteran of the Iraqi conflict, Im a VFW member, and took a minute to clean any debris I could. One of the flags had broken off though, so I stuck it in the ground nearby.

About the only pic that was questionable. A possible orb, can't explain it too well. But Im sure there is an explanation.

Overall, it was a great trip. Its unfortunate that in doing this, something is now wrong with my car. If its not one thing, its another. I'll figure it out. Though if you would like to donate, feel free to donate to the 'soda' fund. The soda fund will probably go to my car now anyhow.

Oh, and contrary to what is popularly said and thought, there are no apparent Civil War soldiers buried here. There were a total of three unknown graves, but nothing else. Lots of World War II vets though.

Thanks for reading.

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