Monday, December 7, 2009

Shakespeare's Tavern

Okay, so in downtown Atlanta, right off of Peachtree Street, there is a small theater/tavern called 'Shakespeare's Tavern'. It was a usual spot on the tours I used to give, and admittedly, one of the most photogenic.

It is a beautiful, victorian-inspired building that used to be a support facility for a commuter taxi in Atlanta in it's early days. Definately, its a worthwhile place to visit, if only to catch a drink and a show.

However, there are stories of hauntings. A young boy, dressed in Victorian clothing, is said to have been spotted in he upper levels of the tavern. There are also reports of a phantom man on the lower levels. However, there are no specific stories or tales to back up this information, and as of yet, I have garnered little information about this haunting.

This builing is also a great place to take photographs as I have had numerous reports of Orbs and other phenomenon on film. However, my investigation of such pictures are very limited, so I couldn't tell you much, except that the photos are genuine, as in they were taken there without any setup.

I will try to go to this site and take some photos there, and post them here for yall to review.

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