Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Paranormal Activity

Haha. After having seen the movie, I've decided to go ahead and discuss what little paranormal activity I've personally experinced. So without further adieu, I present to you "Emperor's Haunting".

Firstly, it is important for youto know, that when I was younger, I worked at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountan Georgia. Stone Mountain is a historic landmark in Georgia, with a massive stone carving of Robert E Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson on horseback. My official job title was that of Park's Beautification Specialist. This title and job position summed up the duties of a janitor, general laborer, and apprentice in several construction trades, all while only recieving the pay of only half of one of those positions! However, the job allowed for alot of autonomy and very little stress. Though it was somewhat taxing, I quickly realized I could work that job for as long as I dared. And indeed, I worked there for almost a year.

I worked the afternoon, from 3 PM until Midnight or about. And one of my tasks was to assist in the closing of several of the attractions, which usually happens around 5 PM in the afternoon. One of the buildings I would be charged with cleaning was the Antebellum Plantation. This was a somewhat accurate recreation of a plantation house before he civil war. In truth it was made of up several different pieces of such homes pulled in from all across the state.

From 730 to 9 PM every night, I would clean the plantation grounds, remove the trash, and generally take care of the bottom floor of the plantation. For some reason, it brings me memories of the The Roots- The Seed (2.0). But what was wierd, is my friend Taveous, who drove the pickup truck and delivered supplies to us, would always drop me off at the plantation. For the first month or two, I was convinced that after he dropped me off, he would head to the back of the plantation house, and go to the second level. Because all night, I would hear him walking around.

Needless to say, he wasn't. I found out after a few weeks, when they kept tellin me to change the trash upstairs. I did it a couple times, figuring Taveous had forgotten. But then I got mad, and confronted Taveous about it. He then revealed to me that he wasnt ever going to the top floor. I was kinda disconcerted.

Within the week, I took care of the top floor. However one night, I heard what I was sure, was Taveous upstairs. So I made my way upstairs and found no one. I continued my routine for another three months, never bringing it up again, rationalizing it in my head that it was rats or something. However it was ironic that after I left, more than a few reports of paranormal activity emerged from the plantation home.

But it was enough for me never to talk about it, at least, until now.

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