Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New CSE Project

Okay, so my company, Crimson Star Entertainment, has embarked on yet another new project. In a series we have so far titled 'Haunted Atlanta' we are producing a few small thematic documentaries for Youtube. The first of these is the documentary on the Rose House.

Of course, given that many of the elements of the story involve tales and premonitions given from psychics and paranormal investigators, it can't be quite called a documentary, but rather a thematic production with documentary-like elements.

But we have some good plans for the project, to include hiring an actress and actor to recreate one of the tales that was related to me by a psychic over the course of a few months. It is, what she believes, leads the building to be haunted. I have decided against hosting it myself, as I don't particularly think I have a voice or the face for film. However, if I have to I will.

Mostly, we are putting this together on a bubblegum budget, so we have to keep our costs down as low as possible, while still producing a quality film that still meets the needs for the project. If your a fan of this blog, it should be a worthwhile view.

If you feel like contributing to the project, donate! We do still need a budget, even just to park the cars downtown while we do some shooting! But either way, I appreciate you all! Take a look at my website, and join the mailing list:

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