Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Corpsewood Trip

Hey all! Finally made it to Corpsewood! What an interesting...journey it was to get there. I did it over the weekend, and so far, I am interested to go back out. Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures of the ruins themselves. But I have a good reason.

The drive itself only takes about $10 USD in petrol, and is about two hours north of Atlanta. If you know what highways your sticking too, it actually isn't to hard to get to Summerville, or even to Corpsewood Manor itself.

You have to drive on an Abandoned Road, for a good few miles, up a mountain side, and the pavement quickly gives way to gravel and dirt. As the road is supposed to be closed, you have to find a way to either hide your car, or have a driver who can drive back and pick you up after you've done your investigation.

When you get to the spot, you'll see the town has erected three concrete pillars, totally blocking passage to the manor. From there, you will have to proceed by foot.

I noticed alot of Shot Gun Shells, and just as I was cresting the road towards the Manor Ruins, I saw what was either a big dog, or a small bear, in the treeline. I only had a knife on me, so I made my way back to the car, and am now determined to return with a full crew and a gun, to do a more thorough investigation.

I'll post what few pictures I got tommorrow! Stay tuned!

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