Thursday, April 22, 2010

Corpsewood Pictures

Yes, two days late, most certainly I apologize for that. And they aren't anything really spectacular, so keep a look out for my future pictures from the second go.

When I spotted this, I knew I was close. Summerville is just five miles south of the haunted locale. However what they dont tell you, is Summerville is about 65 miles away from this sign, or was it 66.6? Either way, I knew it was a good sign.

Okay, bad puns aside, Im still amazed at our ability to hide and sequester away some of the most interesting places I've ever heard of. Trion, the nearby town, has gone to great lengths to reduce traffic to the house. But that didn't stop me!

Local law enforcement have driven these stakes up, blocking our way into the Manor.

Its unfortunate though, as the decency of the people of Trion, the efforts of their Law Enforcement, and a rain storm couldn't stop me. But a black bear certainly did.

I will return.

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