Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Imperial Hotel: Haunted or Just Hauntng?

The Imperial Hotel is located in Atlanta, once again, not so far from The Rufus Rose House. The Hotel has a deep and varied histoy, starting from its construction in 1911. It was designed by the Arhitect Edward Dougherty, with an emphasis on what is described as a variation of the chicago style.

From its groundbreaking, all the way up to the 1950s, the hotel served as an upper-class hotel in the city. Seven stories tall, it had over 120 rooms above the first floor and basement.

In 1968, it suffered a small fire, and as remodelled. After this, the Hotel stopped operation, as new Hotels began to be built in the city, including the mega Hyatt and Hiltons more intown. However, the Imperial was still used. In the 1970s it was home to Domino's Lounge, which was both a go-go bar and a local stage for blues artists of the day. However, within the decade the Lounge Closed down.

The Hotel remained vacant for the next several years, becoming a local mainstay for the city's homeless population. However in 1988, the hotel caught fire, and there were several undocumented deaths. In 1996 it was remodelled again, and made into low income housing.

This hotel has tons of stories, the most moving has to be the story of the undocumented deaths. But the exterior of the building certainly has an appreciable creepy asthetic.

On my tours, I've had several "sensitives" feel as if they could detect more to that in the story. One of the most common 'feelings' that is gotten from the house is that someone committed suicide from the top-most window to he left, as if you are looking at the house from the front. However, I was never able to confirm this story.

But on thing can be said or sure, whether or not there is any paranormal activity in the hotel, it has one of the more diverse and interesting histories in the city. And even if it isn't haunted, it certainly could seem that way! I recommend that you take a look at this building if you get a chance!

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