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Corpse Wood Manor

One of my favorite stories of haunted locations in all of Georgi, is that of Corpse Wood Manor. Unfortuantely, I've yet to have the opportunity to visit the manor and examine it myself. However, maybe if this blog takes off, I can visit it, and by an applicable domain to support it. So however you can support me, is appreciated.

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The Manor & Dr. Scuddle

The story starts in Chicago, at Layola University, where Dr. Charles Scuttle was a chemical engineer. I have confirmed his existance there through at least one method, as I've seen his name mentioned in the 1972 edition of the Stethescope, as part recipient of a government grant at that time.

In a bit of a tangent, I've also seen Dr. Scuttle's name mentioned in some documentation involving project MK-ULTRA. This was a supposed government experiment to test LSD on unknowing test subjects. While his involvement can't be confirmed, it does seem interesting that the grant was given to the Chemical Department of a small Catholic University. The grant was for $600,000 USD, which seems alot in 1972. I will do my best to contact departmet heads and ask them about this, and update you guys in the future.

But back to the matter at hand. Dr Scuttle moved to Atlanta, from Chicago, giving the impression that he wanted to getaway from city ife. He later moved out further to Rome, Georgia and further to Trion. Finally comin there, he bought lad in an area know as the Corpsewoods, and built his own manor.

The Manor was self-sufficient, and was located within 15 miles of the city of Trion (which today, has a popultion of 1600 people). The events that take place in the story happened in 1982, which is important in establishing context of the events. So far as I can tell, the events as I describe them happened. However a few elements are derivitive of local stories, and much harder to confirm. Those elements will be put in Italics.

I'd suggest picking up a copy of the 'Murders at Corpsewoods' for your own investigation. It was written by a man named James Budd.

The Murders

When Dr. Scuttle moved into Corpsewood, he didn't move in alone. In truth, he moved with his Partner Joey Odum. So, Dr. Scuttle was a homosexual. That much we can be certin about, and given the climate of rural Georgia in th early 80s, I imagine it must've been a rarity, especially to be open and out about it.

But be that as it may. Dr. Scuttle and his partner would have parties at their manor, and it was thought drugs were often involved. Some of the local attendees were locals Kenneth Avery Brock and Tony West. It is a definate that the two knew Scuttle enough to know, probably rightly, that he had money.

It is ofte assumed that the upper portion of the Chicken Coop, which they had built themselves, they had converted into a play-pen of sorts. Supposedly they used it as a den for drug use, and other perverse things. One of the buildings that still stands today, is the Chicken Coop.

On December 12th, 1982 they came to the conclusion that they would rob Dr. Scuttle. However, the event didn't go as planned when Odum, Scuttle, and apparently Scuttle's dogs resisted the robbery. Not to mention that, despite being off-the-grid, they still kept their money in the bank.

This didn't stop them from killing Odum and Scuttle. Though, it is said all they escaped with was a small golden Harp.

Supposedly, the town's folk showed up, to find the gruesome scene. But supposedly, they found all sorts of occult memorabilia. Many quickly came to the conclusion that Scuttle and Odum were devil-worshippers. The house was either burned, or some how grounded so that only two buildings remain today.

And the whole region, many investigators contend, is incredibly haunted. However, there is much more to this story, so subscribe, and keep reading!

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